Friday, 11 March 2016

where's the camera when you need it ?!

It's a lovely crisp, spring morning here. I should say that we live in Wales, UK. I am new to blogging and still getting the hang of it!
I walked my daughter to school this morning as she rode her bike. There was a lot of birdsong - Mistle Thrush in the distance, Robins,Wrens, House Sparrows. We walked right past a stunning Song Thrush but I didn't have a camera with me! (Another of my hobbies/interests is photographing any wildlife I see). There were a lot of molehills alongside us on the grassy verge, snails hibernating in a small gap in a wall, Rooks crowing at their nests in the local Rookery, and Jackdaws pairing up, showing off, sussing out potential nest site and even gathering nesting material already! 

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