Saturday, 26 March 2016

we have moths !!!

At long last, on our 5th trapping of the year, we have moths !!
6 species, 13 individuals. 

If you are new to moth trapping, always check around the outside of the trap and in the surrounding vegetation and any fences as they can be well scattered. Sometimes I get more around the outside than inside the trap itself! Or it might be just one or two outside but they could be the rare ones, migrants or the first of that species you've ever had!  It gets very exciting! 
On the odd occasion I might miss a few moths on the fence or grass and my husband then has a thorough check of the whole garden after I've emptied the trap.
So when it comes to going outside to see what you've got it's best to get up early. You'll find it gets earlier and earlier as the spring and summer progress. This is because i) you don't want any to be eaten by birds before you've identified them ii) you don't want them to fly away before you've identified them especially in a very warm summer iii) you don't want cats coming to eat them either! 

Today's little beauties are as follows...

Oak Beauty

Common Quaker

Brindled Beauty

Early Grey

Hebrew Character

Common Quaker

Clouded Drab

Oak Beauty on my hand

Oak Beauty settling on a bush

Brindled Beauty at rest on tree trunk

A small catch but still delightful to see these amazing creatures. Again, mostly brown but so many variations of colours and markings.

It is highly recommended. All images are life size.

Last year I bought myself a macro lens for the Canon DSLR I use. I'd been considering and wanting one for a while and this is fantastic! 
Some photos are taken with mobile phone as record shots at first, then when I release the moths back into the garden I use this macro lens for better images.


Enjoy reading and exploring !

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