Monday, 21 March 2016

an exciting find in the Forest School

Another quiet morning in terms of wildlife. And another empty moth trap having had frost overnight. I don't know when we'll start getting moths in the trap.
So on a bright, sunny, clear afternoon, I visited the Forest School in work. I looked at the small pond to check the frogspawn and thought I was seeing things - the surface of the water was moving. There was no wind. So I looked closer and closer....and there to my excitement were tiny tadpoles wriggling around! That's what was making the water surface move!
Record shots below were taken with my mobile phone camera, which is usually excellent for close up shots, but the light conditions and reflections were making it awkward.


On closer and more careful inspection there appeared to be quite a mass of them all huddled together. Fingers crossed they all survive and develop.

I continued an exploration of the Forest School after this and saw hundreds of spiders in the grass and on logs, appearing to be basking in the lovely sunshine.

I will attempt to identify this species with the help of my daughter and her new insect and spider books. 

The willow structures are opening their buds more now and have this gorgeous fluffiness about them.

And lastly this large bumblebee was having a good look around the whole site, sussing out gaps in grasses and earth, very loudly and fast. Did you know that the buzzing sound they make is actually that of their wings ? Anyway, another one to formally identify with some help needed. 

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