Saturday, 19 March 2016

a short riverside walk

Walked into town this morning as a family with a few things to do there. The path is alongside the river. Overall it's pretty quiet around - usually through the winter we see Goosander on the river but not this winter. We saw 4 Goldfinches fly up away from the trees and later heard them singing from other trees nearby. It's always a delight to these colourful birds. A couple of Grey Wagtails were seen and heard in the river and flying over it.
On the return walk a small flock of Herring Gulls were being rather noisy - we know from experience alarm calling means there is a predator around - sure enough, there it was....a Peregrine falcon perched precariously on an aerial of the town's council building. The gulls were diving at it trying their very best to spook it. Of course I didn't have my camera again but the light conditions were awful looking at where the Peregrine was. After a couple of minutes it flew off, low at first, right past us, up and over the river towards a church and the other side of town. A nice sight for today.

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