Sunday, 27 March 2016

spiders !

Well, most people dislike them. We were some of those people but are learning to identify them and observe them as our daughter's interest in insects and bugs develops. Including spiders. She had an identification book but all then names are in Latin! We managed to translate via  some websites and I have now joined a British Spider ID group on facebook.
These 2 little critters were found by our daughter in the garden. 

Using my macro lens and getting extremely close to them for a photo, you soon start to note all their detail like the little hairs on their legs, their eyes, markings.... 
These are Wolf spiders. They're quite likely to be a specific Wolf spider but we are still learning and I did ask for help to ID these. They seem to enjoy the sunshine. 
I have a lot in my Forest School. If they are the same species running around over dried grassy areas then I can honestly estimate there are thousands in my Forest School area! 
If any of you are spider experts feel free to jot a comment down.

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