Wednesday, 30 March 2016

apologies for absence and missed the action in the garden...

I'm back - apologies for absence ; been away for 24 hours.

Whenever on a road trip I always look out the window and as a family we always do a bird list for the trip. I did this with my husband yesterday and today. Only got about 20 species both ways including at our destination and stopping at motorway services. We saw and heard a couple of spring migrants that have arrived - Chiffchaff singing and Sand Martins over a river.
I always think it's sad to see so much road kill on our motorways and carriageways. On one stretch yesterday, heading up to the Midlands(UK), there was something dead most of the way along; one after another hedgehogs, badger, fox, pheasants, birds of prey.

Back home this afternoon I missed the action that happened in the garden - a Sparrowhawk caught a Starling but as my daughter and husband went to see what the commotion was all about the Sparrowhawk took off without the starling, which also disappeared. Must have been OK.

Hoping to find something tomorrow for you all.
Bye for now.

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