Monday, 3 October 2016

Autumnal day by the coast

Sunday October 2nd. A day trip to our caravan at the coast was the order of the day !
We went on a couple of short walks on our usual routes. It was a clear blue sky and sun day, with hardly any wind.
Some birds were still on the move as we saw and heard - Skylarks, Meadow Pipits, a few Barn Swallows, plus a good 100+ strong flock of Linnet. There was the odd Stonechat fly catching and the delightful sight and sound of 2 Chough flying high overhead !
There were several insects out and about too, that as well as viewing also needed rescuing (from the open footpath/grassy areas)...

Buff Tip moth caterpillar.

A species of bee that needs identifying.

Possibly a Ruby Tiger moth caterpillar.

(above and below) A Common Carder Bumblebee was sitting on the grassy foot path overlooking the sea. We offered it our stick which it crawled on to then we placed it on the nearest bunch fully opened ragwort flowers. 

This grasshopper was very obliging - to get a closer look at it we offered it our stick! We believe it to be a Common Field grasshopper (above and below). Fascinating to see them up close.

There were several Red Admiral butterflies around too, making the most of the warm sunshine. Then we spotted this surprise of a butterfly.....

a Small Copper.

A type of hoverfly stayed on a flower long enough for a photo which then enables us to identify correctly. With a little bit of social media help it was agreed it's Helophilus pendulus. 

Blackberries turning colour.

A young Sycamore tree whose leaves are also changing colour.

I really hope you can get out and about this Autumn/Fall and on a cold, sunny day enjoy the magnificent colours all around you.

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