Sunday, 23 October 2016

Autumn Garden

This week in the garden......

A very quiet moth trap but new for the year were Red-Line Quaker, Green Brindled Crescent (photo below) ....

...and a Blair's Shoulder-Knot. 

 In our wild meadow patch these plants I've yet to find out what they are, but resemble lettuce for a long time, have suddenly grown really tall - well, 2 of them.... 

 and have even opened some flowers! Very exciting.
 We have it good authority from the company that it is to be mowed/strimmed in February and then throughout the  year will all re-grow and maybe produce new plants we haven't seen this year.

Our Rowan tree is almost bare. The leaves and berries all gone!

We have a Hazel bush growing next to the Rowan. Always a favourite of ours but we do maintain it's height. Lovely large rounded leaves with a fine point at the tip/end and usually have a soft velvet feel to them.

The Sycamore tree at the end of our garden, but is actually belonging to a neighbour in their garden, and our Acer tree have been dropping the leaves like fun this week....!

Next door's apple tree has been dropping apples too. If fallen it's usually a good idea to leave them on the ground for insects and birds to feast on.

Our other Rowan tree still has berries on and the blackbirds have discovered this one this week! Too shy for a photo though!

 This is what  sycamore seed looks like. When they fall of the trees they resemble a helicopter and also nicknamed helicopter seeds ...

This was the view of the sunset form the house this evening ....

There are good movements of blackbirds and thrushes this time of year. If you've never heard a Redwing call before, then step outside your door in the evening, when its dark, and just stand still and should hear a  high pitched, slightly drawn out sound. That'll be the Redwings' flight call whilst  migrating at night. Also seen and heard in the daytime.
(I couldn't find an audio file to paste onto this for you sorry).

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