Friday, 14 October 2016

mini twitch !!

So yesterday an American wader was found on one of our local patches -  Kenfig Nature reserve, here in South Wales.
A rare visitor to the UK in general but with weather conditions across the Atlantic last week we suspected something would turn up in the UK. Sure enough there has been a steady stream of rare migrant birds to the UK in recent weeks. And we've also had prolonged easterly winds.
My husband took me to see it this morning - he went yesterday as soon as the news broke.
It's called a Baird's Sandpiper. Sweet little wader.
 Now I admit to not being very good at identifying unusual waders so credit to the experts out there who are very experienced.

Plenty of our local birders have been to see it as it will be a county record for them, and/or a Welsh record and even British record. For me - a lifer !!! Never seen one before today !
It was quite confiding - approachable within reason. We were all careful not to frighten it so that it did not fly off and therefore other birders could come to see it.
It has amazing markings on its back and has slightly longer wings than some other similar sized waders which enables it to fly long distance. A very exciting morning!

We put the moth trap out this week too and caught the following moths....

Cypress Carpet - not very common but spreading. New species for the garden for us here and we have had one at our caravan moth trap this year and last year.

Barred Sallow

Black Rustic

Blair's Shoulder Knot (pretending to be dead!)

All Autumnal species and a lovely surprise.
Whilst attending the moth trap I heard some Redwings flying overhead and Fieldfares.
Winter is coming!
Back soon!

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