Saturday, 24 September 2016

1 new moth for the year ...!

Well, with a new routine up and running in the household it's been a struggle to get going for Autumn moths. But once again it's also down to the weather. And when we have put the trap out it's been a very small catch, with nothing new for the year until today !

These are photos of the Sallow. Quite common in the Autumn. Although this is our first one of the year this individual seems to be worn near the head, known as the thorax. They are a lovely lemon yellow colour with spatterings of pinky-orangey markings.


There are similar species in the sallow family. Hopefully we'll get some as the Autumn progresses and we can compare for you.

There are plenty of these little monkeys in the gardens at the moment - Garden Cross Spider. This is the underside so unfortunately we can't see the 'cross' pattern on it's back. This is a particularly large one living in our front garden.


And just one or two moths from last week on the one occasion we trapped .....2 migrant moths

Rush Veneer - micro moth

.....and the rather splendid Vestal - apologies for poor image.

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