Tuesday, 19 April 2016

out and about this morning, garden this evening

My husband and I trundled around in the car this morning sussing out a new transect area for him to monitor and record species in for the BTO.
Armed with my big lens on the camera, we stopped every so often to record the habitat and generally see what wildlife there was.
First we found a Little Egret on the flooded field next to the restaurant we went to recently.

Little Egret - numbers have increased in recent years.

They are related to the Herons and silently hunt for their food in water.

A Pied Wagtail appeared in front of me on the grass and I managed to get a much better photo of it for you see all it's glory.

A Grey Heron flew over and landed in a nearby river.

Back in the car we went through some lanes checking out the fields and woodlands for the transect area. We stopped at a corner and while my husband was talking to me this sweet little Wren popped up on a branch, out in the open in full song. I wasn't going to miss this opportunity!

Wren - a tiny, shy bird, with a lovely, loud song, but not the smallest bird in the UK.

Nearby I briefly saw a Blackcap but it didn't show for any photos. 

In the garden at home this evening, in glorious sunshine, there were busy insects ;

These 3 photos are of a Dark-edged Bee-fly. They hover in mid air and are often identifiable by their long proboscis, obvious when hovering in one place and look like a bee. If disturbed they come back to the same place or area. 

There was a Tapered Dronefly hanging around our ivy that grows up a fence.

This micro moth which I will get beck to you on its name.
(above and below).

Fingers crossed for the moth trap out tonight. Watch this space.
See you tomorrow.

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