Wednesday, 13 April 2016

all sorts

It's been quite a mixed day today seeing all sorts of things.
I was in work all day and able to use my forest school area this morning where it was lovely and sunny and warm. Not a breath of wind either.
So while I was there I found the following ;

  • a Small Tortoiseshell butterfly
  • hundreds of wolf spiders in the grass and on logs
  • tadpoles in the pond
  • lush, fresh, green leaf growth on Birch trees along with their catkins
  • Lesser Celandine in full flower
  • a pair of Blackbirds in the hazel hedge possibly building a nest
  • 2 Great Tits
  • 3 Buzzards overhead soaring which the gulls did not like
  • 1 Grey heron flew right over me, also being pestered by gulls, and it took me a while to work out what it was due to the view I had (underneath).
  • Willow in full bud and well on the way to be being fully opened
  • Elder bush in full leaf with some small heads of flower buds
  • a probable Red Tailed Bumblebee which didn't hang around for me to photograph but I did get a good view and it matches the image in our insect book
  • and unfortunately a dead rat (no wonder the cats were on site today). Still its a new site sighting tick.
Birch catkins

Lesser Celandine

When I came home there was a brown caterpillar on the wall of the house. Not the best photo for ID but there are so many in the caterpillar book that are brown. 

 And then my husband announced that he'd found something in the street, on the road, a few hours earlier..... empty eggshell of the Jackdaw. Clearly the local resident Jackdaws who do nest on some chimneys in the neighbourhood have hatched. 

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