Monday, 29 August 2016

still on the moth theme....

Moth trapped overnight last night. This morning I had a lovely surprise which was a definite 'WOW' moth...
 The Vestal - a migrant moth from Europe and North Africa. Occurs usually annually in the UK, sometimes in very large numbers depending on conditions but we haven't trapped one since 2006 ! It is a macro moth, but sits differently and with this colouring is pretty much unmistakable. Only managed this record shot of it in tube . Tried to take a photo on release but flew deep into undergrowth.

Garden Rose Tortrix, below. This is a micro moth and a member of the tortrix family, of which there are several species. They generally have the same sort of shape about them and therefore you get to know this shape and makes it easier when looking in a book to identify.

Another migrant, below,  but unfortunately was found dead in the trap, was this Rusty Dot Pearl. Another micro moth. They can be seen in differing shades of colour such as this light to much darker. 

An absolutely tiny micro moth is this Azalea Leaf Miner. Quite distinct in colour and pattern and the way it sits at rest. 

Yellow-barred Brindle moths are also variable in colour. We found a second one later in the garden that was a different colour. Quite common in southern England , being much more scarce in northern England and southern Scotland. Always a nice find.

Whilst our daughter had a bit of a rummage around the garden this afternoon she also found this Green Carpet. 

A Silver Y was spotted at dusk in the garden last night as I turned the moth trap on. It was nectaring on some of the remaining flowers we have. So having had some easterly and south easterly winds the last few days/few days ago this has brought in the migrant moths. And is also a good time to look out for migrant birds too. Especially as return/autumn migration is getting underway. 

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