Monday, 15 August 2016

In the Garden

Finally some very warm, non breezy, clear blue sky days !
Therefore the garden was coming back into life, providing much needed food for insects.
Sunday 14 August we observed 4 Red Admiral butterflies, 3 Large White butterflies, 1 Small White, 1 Speckled Wood and 1 Painted Lady butterfly. 

Painted Lady landed on the washing line.

Large White

Then this monstrous mini beast appeared - it's a Hornet Hoverfly. Not to be mistaken with Hornet. It is a harmless species of hoverfly and was quite happy bumbling around the Buddliea bush.

A Buff-tailed Bumble Bee also buzzed around the flowers.

At the same time I noticed something a little strange against the trunk of the bush - a Froghopper I believe. Just seemed quite large and another one was nearby.

I put the moth trap out Sunday evening and in doing so something caught my eye in the new wildflower meadow patch. At first glance I thought it was a large moth that landed in the wild grasses. But on closer inspection it was a small frog! We do have a wildlife pond tub and always have a frog or two living in the garden. We haven't seen one for a long time so this was a nice surprise.

So the overnight moth trap was a little disappointing for the time of year but it had been a clear, cold night.
We didn't have any new moths for the year - just some Large Yellow Underwings, Common Rustic, Marbled Beauty, Willow Beauty and Brimstone. Also of note, inside the trap, I found a species of wasp and a parasitic wasp.

Well that's it for now. I've still yet to complete and publish our recent, amazing UK road trip - almost done, honest!
Watch this space!

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