Thursday, 2 June 2016

the garden

Remember a little while ago we were preparing a part of the garden for a wildflower patch ?!
Well this is it now! 


Our wildflower mat arrived last week as rolled up turf, already planted with wild flowers suitable for bees and birds. All we had to do was unroll in the place it was going, water it every day for 2 weeks and then check it has rooted. Each day it looks better. 

The Poppies look wonderful.

As does the Cornflower

It is a mixture of grasses and wild flowers, Also seen here is Red Campion.

This was bought from

We also have another new addition to the garden completed the last few days....

a bug hotel !

Our daughter really wanted for quite some time. She helped of course and is pleased as punch with it!

front view

close up of front - waiting to gather few more natural materials to fill some of the pots, otherwise all full, all way round.

side view

We're just waiting for something to move in now !

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