Wednesday, 1 June 2016

last night's moths

A cloudy, warm night for the last night of May produced many more moths ! We had 22 species of 62 individuals. There were quite a few moths were around the outside of the trap and on the fences and bushes again. I made sure I took my time looking over and over again.
As I did so I found a "WOW" moth and subsequently thought 'Each time we trap let's see if we can get a 'WOW' moth'. So the first "WOW" moth was an absolute stunner....

Scorched Wing is it's name! A definite 'WOW' moth ! First one we've ever trapped and seen in our home county! This is a male as they tend to curl up their abdomen when at rest.

Other highlights were...

Buff Tip - which is pretty obvious and also resembles a twig when at rest therefore deterring any potential predators.

Pale Prominent - a funny looking moth with it's long 'snout'  but very camouflaged and well marked. 

Clouded-bordered Brindle - another well marked moth that can be camouflaged. A mix of brown,s red and yellow-ish colouring. This one always gets me - I see it and think 'I know's one f the Arches species...' check the book, find it and realise it's this and say to myself 'Of course!' Every time !

The Flame. Easy when you know it. Another twig looking moth and slight roll of the wings at rest.

Celypha Striana - a micro moth, so quite small. This took us while to remember but once you've seen it few times you tend to remember a name like this! Quite a well marked moth.

Knot Grass - similar to that of the Poplar Grey a few weeks ago. This also has 'eyes' by the pattern, varying shades of grey and has a white mark that meets in the middle when at rest.

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