Friday, 10 June 2016

National Moth night and the night before it

It's all moths at the moment!
Possible rain forecast next 2 nights for where we are so at least we've done one night for National Moth Night.
We trapped 154 individuals of 33 species - a good selection overall.
New ones for the year were...

 Small Seraphim - a local species meaning they're not very common and only found in specific parts of the UK.

Foxglove pug


Bee moth - as expected with a name like this found in/near bee and wasps nests. The larvae feed on the comb in the bee/wasps nests. 

Small Fan-foot - one of a few very similar speices. Common.

Celypha lacunana

I think the 'WOW' moth here is the Small seraphim,  and the Bee moth which is quite a coloured individual.
Having to get up earlier now as daylight is early - setting the alarm for 4.30 a.m. but not really moving until 5 a.m. Also needing to spend more time looking for moths around the outside of the trap, all over the grass, many bushes and the fences - they really do settle anywhere and everywhere!

The night before, night of 8th  June, we trapped 57 individuals of 37 species so you can now see how wide ranging it is - always weather dependent and which species are new on the wing.
New ones for the year were...
 Shears - fairly common in UK. This was the 'WOW' moth!

Green Carpet

Mottled Beauty

Eudoina pallida - a micro moth, also a lifer for us. Good camouflage.

Small Angle Shades - a pretty looking moth, quite easy to identify. Nothing like the similar sounding moth 'Angle Shades'.

Heart & Club - very easy to identify. Common in southern half of UK.

Riband wave - very common in the summer, but markings are variable. Can often have a dark band going across the middle of wings.

Chrysoteuchia culmella - a very common grass moth.

 Silver Y - named for the diagnostic 'y' marks on the wings. These are migrants to the UK given the right weather conditions from the contintent. Can also be seen in daylight feeding or 'nectaring' on flowers.

And lastly  this extremely well marked Common Marbled Carpet.

Well I hope you've been able to find a National Moth Night event to visit and that you enjoy it. Thanks for reading.

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