Tuesday, 10 May 2016

monday morning's moth trap

Sunday night was mild so we put the moth trap out in the garden.
I got up at about 0520 as it's light so early now and I need to get out there before the birds find the moths.
When I post the moth trappings I will just tell you the new species we get, as we will always get some species for a few trappings, it saves me repeating them, especially the photos.
So Monday morning's new moths were....

the beautiful Waved Umber

Least Black Arches

Small Phoenix

Cinnabar moth as I found it.

It moved and I quickly placed a tube over it . It fluttered and opened its wings and I took a quick photo so you can see the hind wing. Cinnabar moths are often seen in flight during the daytime. 

Also in the trap was this Common Cockchafer, a type of beetle. There was also one on the grass.

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